Frequently Asked Questions


In-Game and Online 50/50 Presented by RE/MAX

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be at a Calgary Stampeders game to purchase a 50/50 ticket(s)?

Tickets will be available in-game and online for all HOME GAMES at McMahon Stadium.  Tickets will be available for purchase ONLINE ONLY during AWAY games.  Ticket sales start at 9AM and sales will close at 11PM MT.   9AM-11PM MT for ALL home and away games. 


Are online sales and in-game sales combined?

Yes. Sales from online and in-game will all be contributed to the same jackpot during the game. Everyone is participating in the same draw!


How much do tickets cost?

            1 for $5 (A)

            10 for $10 (B)

            80 for $20 (C)

            300 for $50 (D)



Who can purchase?

You must be in Alberta at the time of your purchase and over the age of 18 in order to participate. Even if you are a resident of Alberta, but currenlty out of the province, you will not be able to purchase. You MUST be in Alberta to purchase.


How can you ensure that someone is in Alberta while purchasing?

The website uses geo-fencing technology to ensure participants are in the province. An address and postal code is also collected throughout the transaction.


What time will the tickets be available?

50/50 tickets are available either online(home and away games) or in person(home games only) EVERY Calgary Stampeders game day from 9:00am to 11:00pm MT.


Where do I purchase online?

Through the Calgary Stampeders website:


Where do I purchase in-game?

Visit a 50/50 kiosk or a 50/50 volunteer at McMahon Stadium to purchase your ticket(s) OR by scanning the QR code located at your seat.


How do I pay and get my ticket?

When you purchase online with debit or credit, you will receive a system confirmation following your transaction and will be e-mailed your ticket(s).  When you purchase in-game you must use a credit card, we currently do not accept debit.  McMahon is now a cashless venue. We can also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. You will receive your printed ticket(s) once your transaction has been approved. We do not accept CASH.



I purchased my ticket(s) online, but I haven’t received my ticket(s)?

Please ensure you have entered your e-mail address correctly during your purchase. If you have not received your ticket within 24 hours after your purchase please e-mail and we will work with you to resend your ticket(s).  You must e-mail from the same e-mail you purchased your tickets with. If you entered your e-mail correctly your tickets will be resent. If you have not gotten your ticket, you are still entered in the draw. We are provided your e-mail and phone number, even if there has been a delay in delivery of your ticket(s). The winner is contacted when the draw takes place. Please check your spam and junk mail. We recommend purchasing from personal e-mails in order to avoid workplace spam filters.


When does the draw take place?

Unlike past seasons, the draw will not take place during the game. The winning ticket will be announced within one hour of the draw (by or before 11:59PM MT) regardless of if the game is home or away.


How do I find the winning ticket number?

The winning ticket number is posted on the Calgary Stampeders website within an hour after the draw. Online draws close at 11:00pm MT on Calgary Stampeders game days. Raffle draws take place immediately after the closure of sales with random number generating (RNG) technology.



Trouble Shooting:

  • We do not accept CASH
  • You MUST be within Alberta borders to purchase
  • You must enter the same e-mail twice (without error).
  • Due to AGLC regulations, tickets are non-refundable. We cannot issue refunds if you enter the amount purchased wrong, please ensure to double check what you have purchased.
  • If you are in Alberta but being blocked, the IP from your mobile device may being providing an out of province address, which would block you. Try clearing your data on their mobile browser and try again.  If the device is still being blocked using the cellular network, we suggest try connecting to wifi and purchasing.
  • Please ensure your location services are enabled in your settings.



Customer Support

If you have tried the above and have an inquiry or issue, please send an email to with complete details of your inquiry or issue, including screen shots if applicable, and your contact information. We will do our very best to get back to you right away. You may receive an out-of-office reply with the winning ticket numbers, this is just to help provide the numbers the e-mail is attended to.



What happens if I win?

You will need to provide a photo of your winning ticket with a piece of ID. You will receive a claim form to complete and then a cheque will be mailed to you within 60 days. Winners have 30 days to claim the jackpot with the winning ticket. The winner is contacted when the draw takes place. We are provided with the name, number and e-mail of who bought the ticket, along with the selection of the winning ticket number.


Can I gift my ticket?

Tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.


Where does the other 50% of the jackpot go?

To the Stampeders Foundation. The 50/50 program is the major source of funding for Stampeders Foundation projects and programs. Since 2012, the Stampeders Foundation has donated over $3.6 million to football which has been used to purchase equipment, provide post-secondary scholarships and pay registration fees for youth and support grassroots and amateur football programs in Calgary and southern Alberta. The Stampeders Foundation is centered upon the support of amateur and grassroots football in Calgary and southern Alberta communities, while also supporting a number of health and education initiatives through player involvement and in-game programming.